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Andy’s Home and Business Repair is your one stop shop for handyman services in St. Louis.


Our skilled professionals work to ensure that surfaces are properly prepared before any paint/drywall is ever applied. We take special care to ensure all divots are filled and textures are matched. Only then is the primer applied and the finest paints available used on your home.

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General Home Repairs

We provide a wide variety of home repairs. Just make out your “Handyman List” and give us a call. Before Andy started this business he was the chief maintenance engineer for high rise hotels. If he can keep them running smoothly, there is nothing in your house that he cannot repair or replace.

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Ceiling/Attic/Bathroom Fans

Updated ceiling fans in any room adds appeal as well as circulation. We repair/replace ceiling fan/lamps as well as bathroom ventilation fans. The difference with us is that we match the texture of the ceiling and repair and re paint the drywall around your fan for seamless appearance.

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Plumbing Services

Maybe you’ve been ignoring that dripping kitchen faucet, or the disposal is rotted through, or maybe you decided to finally replace that big gulp toilet with a more efficient model. We can even take an upstairs space and turn it into a main floor laundry! All our plumbing is performed by certified professionals.

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Electrical Services

Ever consider updating your interior lighting? It makes a huge difference in the appeal of your interior. We install and repair electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, GFCI’s, dedicated circuits, smoke detectors and more! And don’t forget our certified electricians can add porch lights and security motion lights to your homes exterior.

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Concrete Repairs

Is your front walkway free of trip hazards? We use a special formula of concrete adhesive to repair cracks and fill voids in your concrete. In many cases we can repair your driveway without you having to replace the entire thing. Small flat work and/or pavers is also available.

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Really Happy Customers

“Andy’s Home and Business Repair does fabulous work! They recently tiled our basement storage room, furnace/laundry room and bathroom and did an amazing job! The job was tedious given the contour/slope of the floor as well as the shower and numerous cuts for drains, sump pits, support beams, etc. Andy’s is always very reliable and very conscientious in their work. They are wonderful, honest, good-hearted people and we enjoy having them in our home. We have been very pleased with their service and look forward to using them again in the near future.”

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