5 DIY Tips to Prep Your Home For Winter

Football season is here. The tree’s are dropping their leaves. Suddenly it’s fall. Winter is sure to follow. Here in the Midwest it can be brutal. Here are 5 DIY tips to help winterize your home.

  1. Your air conditioner and your outdoor spigots are mainstays all summer, but as cooler temps set in, it’s time to winterize them. Start by draining your hoses and a/c pipes to remove excess water. Next be sure all exterior water faucets are tightly sealed and your a/c is turned off. Some houses have a shut-off valve in the basement that leads to the outdoor faucet. Turn it off for the year.
  2. Seal up those hidden gaps and cracks along the borders of your windows. Use an exterior grade caulk to go over the outside of the openings. This will save energy and monthly energy costs associated with it.
  3. Keep your furnace and surrounding area clean and free of debris. Changing your furnace filter regularly will help your unit operate more efficiently and protect your homes air quality.
  4. Block out unwanted guests. We’re not talking about your in-laws here. LOL. Use expanding foam to fill any voids that pests might use to enter your home.
  5. Insulate your pipes! Pipes are in danger of freezing during winter months and could potentially create a water disaster. Insulating them can protect against ruptures, especially if your house is built on a slab. Use moisture resistant high compressible foam to ward against pipes freezing. Tackling any of these projects will have a dramatic effect on your home’s cold weather preparedness and the energy bill savings will be great for your wallet too!