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Are You Getting Ready To Sell?

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Look for Code Violations Before You Sell

Code violations can extend the homeselling process—even halt it altogether. It’s a solid investment to hire a home inspector before placing your home on the market.

A quality home inspector knows local codes, and Andy’s Home and Business Repair knows how to do the work.—from electrical, plumbing, building, structure and more. They can help sellers understand any code violations and the steps and costs necessary to become compliant. When the city records a violation, a fee is assigned to the property. Because violations don’t appear as a lien on a title search, it can be difficult to determine whether a sanction has been assessed that will delay closing. By hiring Andy’s Home and Business Repair  before you have your inspection done, can save you thousands of dollars and avoid unexpected delays.

Violations can include the presence of garbage in a yard, maintenance issues, overgrown lawns, non-sanctioned improvements, safety issues or other dangerous items needing repair.

Here are some of the most common inspection problems:

Bedrooms: All rooms listed as bedrooms must have an operating window with 30 square inches of clearance for fire escape. Bedrooms also must have heat. If a home is listed with three bedrooms, and one does not meet both these requirements, it cannot legally be called a bedroom.

Furnaces and compressors: Rust in the heat exchange is a common problem that shows up on inspections. So is missing insulation where required by code at the time the house was built, or, at the time improvements or replacements were installed.

Electrical: Common violations include junctions not enclosed in a junction box, a lack of ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets in bathrooms and kitchens, or reverse-polarity on outlets.

Life-saving equipment: Smoke and carbon dioxide detectors are required by law in most states. Not having them—or not having the proper kind—is considered a code violation.

Plumbing: Violations can include everything from dripping faucets, to loose toilets, to improper drainage.

Structural damage: Common code violations include rotting wood trim around windows and doors, rotten or delaminating siding and missing flashing on roofs or above windows and doors.

Extra rooms: Some homeowners renovate basements or add sunrooms without permits. Be sure your improvements and additions are backed by the proper permits and resulting inspections.

Don’t hurt your sale because of code violations that can be fixed. call Andy’s, St. Louis Handyman Extraordinaire, make the changes and enjoy the comfort your efforts bring when your closing comes to fruition. And Don’t forget us when you get to your new home. Many times new owners have some changes they would like done.

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Custom Designed Interiors..For Your Pets From St. Louis Handyman

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Homeowners love their pets and they also love a great design! We are increasingly being asked to design a floor plan with their pets in mind. Pet friendly designs in the kitchen, laundry room, mudroom and even outdoor spaces such as rooftops are increasingly popular. Here are a few remodeling ideas to get you started. Kitchen: if you have a small or medium sized pet, consider finding a spot in your kitchen to create a built-in eating station. Perhaps under the island, to create a stylish place for food and water bowls. Or use a large lower cabinet, remove the door and create a convenient, comfortable spot for a cozy bed. If your pet is a messy eater, keep the feeding station away most of the foot traffic. Water spills can be hazardous, but please remember to keep fresh water accessible all the time. Feeding stations for larger pets may be better suited for the laundry room or mudroom. Maybe turn an alcove under the steps into a nice little nook for Fido. If you have a separate laundry room, or mudroom, a convenient station for your larger pet can be under a boot bench. When storing your pet gear, look for opportunities to stash pet toys in a basket. Store pet food in a large glass container, instead of it’s regular packaging and you won’t mind the nibbles being on display. Homeowners are also adding pet washing stations in their laundry/mudrooms. An enclosed tiled area with an extended faucet can be used for baths, or simply a paw washing station. For you own custom design call us at Andy’s Home and Business Repair Inc. We would love to design a custom spot for YOUR Spot! We can handle the carpentry, tiling, plumbing etc. The best handyman in St. Louis!! We make YOUR space a better place! 314-307-8355

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Homes at Risk For Termites

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Winter is upon us but it’s not too soon to be thinking about termite damage. Prolonged cold, snow and ice can create the perfect environment for termites. Ice dams are one of the most troublesome winter related problems, according to the National Pest Management Association. An Ice dam is a ridge that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining properly. The melting snow backs up behind this dam and can leak into your home, causing water damage to ceilings, walls,insulation, and drywall and providing enough moisture to attract termites as they begin to emerge at the first signs of spring. Termites are known as silent destroyers because their constant gnawing can go unnoticed until significant damage has been done to the structure. Even more problematic is termite property damage, which according to NPMA accounts for at least 5 Billion dollars each year, is not covered by homeowners insurance. Depending on the extent of the destruction, homeowners can be faced with large repair bills. Before the ground warms and termite swarms emerge in search of a new structure to feast on, homeowners should take necessary steps to ensure winter hasn’t done a number on their homes and left them vulnerable to pest problems in the spring. Many construction companies either won’t work on termite damage because it is very dirty work, or they just don’t have the know how to repair this damage. If you discover termite damage, call Andy’s Home and Business Repair Inc. We have been repairing this kind of damage since 1999. Some tips on how to prevent ice dams are as follows. 1) Promptly clear snow off roofs before it freezes and becomes harder to remove. 2) Install snow and ice shields on the roof. 3) Clean out gutters and install gutter guards. 4) Cover an attic or house fan during winter. 5) Repair fascia and rotted shingles. 6) Add insulation to the attic rafters and ceiling. 7) seal and insulate HVAC ducts. 8) Install chimney flashing to prevent leaks. 9) seal gaps around electrical cables and vent pipes. 10) Install eave and soffit vents to circulate cold air.
For all of your home repair needs, call Andy’s Home and Business Repair Inc. St. Louis Handyman extraordinaire. But please, make sure the termites are gone first.

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Home Improvement Tips For Small Homes From The Handyman In St. Louis

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Urban living is on the rise. As of 2010 more than half of all people live in an urban area. By 2030 it is anticipated that six out of every ten people will be living in a city, according to the World Health Organization. But no matter where you live, you want to make the most of your available living and storage space. A few simple adjustments can help you open up your living spaces to create more room.

The Living Room: Choose furniture that is appropriate for the amount of space available. Measure your space before purchasing furniture. Too large of a couch can cramp a room and make it seem even smaller. I have made this mistake myself.  Avoid sofas with skirts and instead select couches that are raised off the floor. Select coffee and end tables that have an open frame. A strategically placed mirror can create an illusion that your room is much larger than it really is. The same goes for lack of clutter. Keep your small space organized. Remember, less is more!

Storage: Use creative storage solutions to make more space. For example, an ottoman that doubles as a trunk is a great place to store photos and magazines. A jacket rack with a key ring holder in your foyer is a creative way to create space.

The Kitchen: The kitchen is often the heart of the home, particularly if you entertain a lot or like to cook. It can get over crowded with excessive gadgetry rather quickly. Consider highly functional appliances that have multiple uses. For example a built-in microwave that is equipped with inverter technology. This gives the ability to function like an oven and ensures every dish is cooked evenly, while opening up coveted counter space.

The Bathroom: Give the illusion of space by decorating with neutral or pastel colors on the floors and walls. Save the bolder colors for accents on towels or ornamental pieces. When remodeling your bathroom use white floor and wall tile to make it look bigger.

Throughout The House: Ensure you have lighting at floor, table and even eye level to help eliminate shadows. Another trick is to use a tall floor lamp to draw the eyes upward and add height to the room. A small home is no excuse for feeling cramped. With a few interior design strategies in place, you can make even the smallest space feel larger in size.

Finally, for all your home improvements or home repairs remember to call Andy’s Home and Business Repair. We Make YOUR Space a Better Place!



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St. Louis Handyman Bathroom Remodeling

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Spa #14

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His and Hers Vanity

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Spa #15

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St. Louis Handyman

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We “Git ‘er Done!” 314-307-8355

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Stop Valves, A Must!

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We regularly remind people to occasionally turn their shut off valves off and on. A stop valve is one like you have below your toilet, faucets, dishwasher and basement water lines. There is a main shut off valve usually in the basement, if you live in a slab home it is typically out buried in the front yard. The reason for this is to keep them from sticking. After a long period of non use, these valves can get so hard to turn that two wrenches are required and even that can lead to breakage. If you are having a faucet replaced, or replacing parts to your toilet or dishwasher, the water has to be shut off. Or if you have a sudden leak, you will want to quickly shut the water off, particularly if your house is on a slab. If you have a problem turning it off at this point, your only option is to turn the main water off until the leak is repaired. By occasionally turning these valves you can be sure that they are working properly and will not fail when you need them. If you don’t have shut off valves, consider adding them as they are necessary to meet code in most areas.Occasionally these shut off valves can develop a small drip. If this happens, tighten the nut behind the handle will usually do the trick. Also helps to occasionally grease the stem with valve stem grease to keep them pliable. If calcium has developed from non usage I would highly recommend that you have a professional handyman replace them as soon as possible, before a real emergency occurs. Handy helpful tips from St. Louis best professional handyman service! Andy’s Home and Business Repair LLC.

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