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Custom Designed Interiors..For Your Pets From St. Louis Handyman

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Homeowners love their pets and they also love a great design! We are increasingly being asked to design a floor plan with their pets in mind. Pet friendly designs in the kitchen, laundry room, mudroom and even outdoor spaces such as rooftops are increasingly popular. Here are a few remodeling ideas to get you started. Kitchen: if you have a small or medium sized pet, consider finding a spot in your kitchen to create a built-in eating station. Perhaps under the island, to create a stylish place for food and water bowls. Or use a large lower cabinet, remove the door and create a convenient, comfortable spot for a cozy bed. If your pet is a messy eater, keep the feeding station away most of the foot traffic. Water spills can be hazardous, but please remember to keep fresh water accessible all the time. Feeding stations for larger pets may be better suited for the laundry room or mudroom. Maybe turn an alcove under the steps into a nice little nook for Fido. If you have a separate laundry room, or mudroom, a convenient station for your larger pet can be under a boot bench. When storing your pet gear, look for opportunities to stash pet toys in a basket. Store pet food in a large glass container, instead of it’s regular packaging and you won’t mind the nibbles being on display. Homeowners are also adding pet washing stations in their laundry/mudrooms. An enclosed tiled area with an extended faucet can be used for baths, or simply a paw washing station. For you own custom design call us at Andy’s Home and Business Repair Inc. We would love to design a custom spot for YOUR Spot! We can handle the carpentry, tiling, plumbing etc. The best handyman in St. Louis!! We make YOUR space a better place! 314-307-8355

carpentry work in St. Louis

Aging Safely in Your Own Home

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Remaining independent in your own home as you age often requires some adjustments to insure a safe environment. Home Safety Tips: Place frequently used items within reach and off high shelves. Remove potential tripping hazards: electrical cords, area rugs, loose carpet, etc. Inspect walkways and driveways and repair any trip hazards. Install ramps outside and inside your home where necessary. Remove clutter from high traffic areas. Install hand rails. Don’t use chairs with rollers or casters. Make sure all doors and windows are in good condition and have working locks. Program your phone with all emergency numbers and contacts. Install an emergency call system that can alert authorities in case of emergency. Lighting Safety: Illuminate edges of stairs. Install night lights throughout the home to light the way. Install outdoor security sensor lights for added security. Kitchen Safety: The safest place for a microwave oven is on a secure counter top, not above head level, to avoid injury to the face when hot items are removed. Keep regularly used items within easy reach, so climbing on a chair to reach them is not necessary. Replace cabinet and drawer handles with styles that are easier fro grasping. Bathroom Safety: Install non skid surfaces on the floors, shower and tub. Install grab bars near the toilet and tub. Install elevated toilet seats with armrests. Have shower/tub chairs accessible. Install a raised handicap toilet. Replace shower spigot with an easy to remove style. Set water heater at 120* or less to avoid scalding. Bedroom Safety: Move furniture with sharp corners or edges away from the bed in case of a fall out of bed. Install adjustable bed rails on one or both sides of the bed. Consider the height of the bed and the ease of which you can get in and out of it. Keep a flashlight on the bed stand.¬† Andy’s Home and Business Repair can help with the larger changes to the home. The changes may seem daunting, but they will be cost effective in the end, allowing the senior to stay in their own home. Andy’s Home and Business Repair, the highest rated St. Louis Home Repair company.

carpentry work in St. Louis

We “Git ‘er Done!” 314-307-8355

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carpentry work in St. Louis

Applause Please…..

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carpentry work in St. Louis

Getting Ready to Move? We Do Home Inspection Repairs….Inside and Out.

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carpentry work in St. Louis

Custom Deck, Landscaping and Patio

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carpentry work in St. Louis

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

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Summer is here and it is time to repair damage to your home from over the winter. Andy (the best handyman in St. Louis) has prepared a short checklist to help you avoid expensive repairs later. (Now, what other handyman would do this?)

1) Switch ceiling fan blades to push cool air down. Observe the fan while it is running: In summer, you want the leading edge of the blades (the part that goes around first) higher than the trailing edge. Locate the fan’s switch on it’s body. When set correctly for summer, you can stand beneath it and feel the breeze. This allows you to set the air conditioner lower, saving fuel while enjoying the cooling effect of the moving air.

2) Clean out gutters. Take advantage of dry weather to clear and clean out leaves and debris from the gutters. This allows the rain water to move freely away from the home and protects from mold and rot. Depending on how many trees surround your home, this should be done several times a year. I cannot tell you how many homes I’ve seen with big damage because this simple task wasn’t done enough. Look for loose joints, sagging attachments and corrosion. Tighten and reattach gutter connections. You will save yourself¬† hundreds of dollars.

3) Inspect for roof leaks. Scan the roof for evidence of damage, including shingles that are curling, broken, popped up or missing. To check for structural stability. Stand across the street and look at the roof line. If it appears to sag, get a professional to inspect it. The cause could be damage to the roof supports from heavy snow or too many layers of roofing materials. Inside, inspect the attic rafters and walls. Look for discoloration or stains.

4) Inspect wood decks and porches. Inspect for rot by pressing the wood with your hands, foot, or a tool to find any soft spots. Gently probe soft spots with a screwdriver to learn the extent of the damage. If the damage is severe, replace rotted boards.

We hope these tips have been helpful to you and save you from costly repairs. If you find damage that you are unable to correct, please keep us in mind. We are St. Louis’ highest rated professional handyman service and we are here to help.

carpentry work in St. Louis

Is Your Patio Ready to Party?

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carpentry work in St. Louis

Is Your Deck Summer Ready?

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carpentry work in St. Louis

This Beautiful Trex Deck is Maintenance Free.

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