How Are We Different?

So how is Andy’s Home and Business Repair different from the average St Louis area contractor? That’s a fantastic question that deserves a straight forward answer. There are 3 motivating reasons why Andy’s stands out:

Motivating reason #1 –

We’re not a franchise. Yes, I know this may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but let’s be realistic here. Once you start dealing with large businesses that “buy into” a company, you have very little control over the quality of work, and skill of the employee’s. As a small, locally owned business, Andy’s Home and Business Repair operates with strict control over how the work gets done. (With quality, efficiency, and integrity)

Heck, more often than not, the work you hire us to do will be done by Andy himself! Our long list of happy clients and testimonials speaks for itself. Click here to read our customer reviews

Motivating Reason #2 –

We clean up after ourselves. (And pay close attention to details) Yep, you read correctly! Unfortunately, we’ve heard from client after client horror stories about hiring a contractor who comes in, does the work, but leaves behind a mess that the home owner is expected to clean up! Here are Andy’s, we understand the importance of leaving the work area as we found it… Only better!

We hire only true professionals who take pride in their work. This includes the work area, (Your home!) and respecting your valuable time by not requiring you to pull out the broom, vacuum, and trash can to clean up someone else’s mess!

Motivating Reason #3 –

We’re darn good at what we do! Just as with any profession, you’ll find varying levels of competence. One quick look at our long list of happy client testimonials will tell you that we know our way around home repair! It’s easy to get sucked into hunting for the lowest priced help you can find.

Unfortunately, this often results in a much higher price tag in the long run as the homeowner is then required to re-hire someone else to get the job done right! If the price sounds too good to be true… Well… You know the rest of that old saying don’t you?

Andy’s Home and Business Repair will provide top quality work at a fair, and affordable price. No more worrying “does this guy know what he’s doing? Is he messing up my home!?” Now isn’t it nice to have some peace of mind in this day and age?

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