January 2014

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Stop Valves, A Must!

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We regularly remind people to occasionally turn their shut off valves off and on. A stop valve is one like you have below your toilet, faucets, dishwasher and basement water lines. There is a main shut off valve usually in the basement, if you live in a slab home it is typically out buried in the front yard. The reason for this is to keep them from sticking. After a long period of non use, these valves can get so hard to turn that two wrenches are required and even that can lead to breakage. If you are having a faucet replaced, or replacing parts to your toilet or dishwasher, the water has to be shut off. Or if you have a sudden leak, you will want to quickly shut the water off, particularly if your house is on a slab. If you have a problem turning it off at this point, your only option is to turn the main water off until the leak is repaired. By occasionally turning these valves you can be sure that they are working properly and will not fail when you need them. If you don’t have shut off valves, consider adding them as they are necessary to meet code in most areas.Occasionally these shut off valves can develop a small drip. If this happens, tighten the nut behind the handle will usually do the trick. Also helps to occasionally grease the stem with valve stem grease to keep them pliable. If calcium has developed from non usage I would highly recommend that you have a professional handyman replace them as soon as possible, before a real emergency occurs. Handy helpful tips from St. Louis best professional handyman service! Andy’s Home and Business Repair LLC.