February 2013

Fabulous Faux Painting

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She Loves Her New Book-Nook!

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Home Maintenance Tips From The Best Handyman in St. Louis

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Proper home maintenance is a continual process requiring monthly, seasonal and annual repairs. Here are some general guidelines. Ideally you should spend about 2% of your home’s purchase price on annual repairs and maintenance. Keep a record of repairs made and equipment purchased. Document and keep receipts as well as warranties in case of a problem. Check filters on HVAC unit monthly. Check humidifier and air cleaners monthly. Check faucets for drips and plumbing for leaks. Check bath and shower caulking and improve if needed. Check the foundation of your home near the ground for damage to wood or for wood boring insects. Examine the inside for insect or water damage. CLEAN GUTTERS AND DOWNSPOUTS AT LEAST TWICE A YEAR. Check weatherstripping around doors and windows. Have your HVAC serviced at least once a year. If you have a wood burning fireplace check the chimney and have it cleaned and check mortar at the same time. Check siding and trim for decay. Check the roof for leaks. Inspect ceilings for signs of leakage, especially under bathrooms. Perform pest control two to four times a year, keep termite protection current. Shut off outside spigots in the fall and remember to take the hose off the spigot. Humidifiers should be turned off, drained and cleaned in the spring. According to industry officials, the average lifespan for the following appliances is estimated at Roof: Asphalt shingles, 10 years. Heating system: 25 years. Range/oven: 18 years. Room air conditioner: 15 years. Water heater: 13 years. Central air conditioner: 12 years. Dishwasher: 12 years. And as always, call us for any repair or remodeling.