December 2012

Terri’s New Kitchen!

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Terri’s Kitchen Backsplash

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Useful Energy Tips

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Winter time is upon us and fuel costs are increasing. Reducing these costs can involve a range of solutions from simple to complex. Hear are a few ways to keeps costs down. Reduce air leaks by caulking around the window frames where they meet the house structure. Replace weather stripping on exterior door frames and replace the sweep at the bottom of the doors. Use expansion foam to seal any gaps from plumbing pipes, around fireplaces and behind the base sink cabinets. Use energy wisely. Keep your water heater setting at about 120*f. Use an insulating blanket to wrap around your water heater. If your water heater is over 10 years old it is probably full of calcium at the bottom. You are wasting energy heating up this calcium. Time to replace with a new energy efficient model. This will pay for itself over time. Lower your thermostat while using the fireplace, to about 55*. Install a programmable thermostat that allows you to lower the heat during the workday and automatically increase the setting when you get home. Choose Energy Star rated appliances when upgrading. Replace your old, builder grade windows with low-E glass windows. They cost a little more than conventional double paned windows, but their effectiveness in keeping wintertime heat indoors will make up for it. As well as keeping cooled air in, in the summer months. Home owners can save up to three quarters of the electricity previously used, by replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescents. Andy’s Home and Business Repair can help you with a professional energy audit and supply solutions to make your home more energy efficient. Call the St. Louis home repair man for you energy audit today.

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