October 2012

It’s THAT Time of Year Again…

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We live in the Midwest. So we enjoy the changing seasons. The fall is particularly beautiful. It brings wonderful colors. While leaves are nice to admire, the pile that lands on our lawn and stays in our gutters adds to our to-do list. It is so important to keep your gutters clear of leaves this time of year. If they get clogged with leaves it restricts the rain flowing through your gutters and downspouts. Autumn also brings rainy weather. The combination can have a not so beautiful outcome. Due to the weight of gutters packed with leaves, they can start to pull away from the house. Once this starts to happen it can cause damage to the fascia as well as the roof plywood decking. Once the gutters are pulled away from the house, the rain water can easily go behind the gutters and find it’s way into your basement. If your basement is finished it can lead to some very costly repairs. In my case, it always seems to find it’s way to my electrical panel. Then you have a fire hazard as well.
So the solution? Well clear the gutters, of course! Even gutter guards do not eliminate the need to clean and clear the gutters. They will only reduce the frequency with which the gutters need to be cleaned. Over time, gutter guards can fail completely. Sticks and fallen branches can damage them, wind can blow them off and seeds and dirt from the roof can get beyond the guards and fill your gutters. The best time to do this chore is in the fall after most of the leaves have fallen, and in the spring when the seeds from the trees are done blowing. If you have a lot of trees, you may want to do this twice each season. Gutter cleaning is easy to do, but requires ladder work. If you are not comfortable climbing a ladder, call a professional handyman service. First, wait for a nice day. Have a helpmate steady and hold the ladder for you. Climb on up and (wearing gloves) scoop the debris out of the gutters and put in a plastic waste bag. Be sure to check the downspouts for blockages. After you have cleared the debris, take a garden hose and rinse water through to make sure you have free flowing system. A small home maintenance job like this can save you expensive repairs in the long run. Now you can enjoy the rest of Autumn and clean gutters. For more info, call the handyman in St. Louis. Andy’s Home and Business Repairs for your St. Louis home repair work.

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Cool Custom Built Basement Bar in Cedar.

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Custom Tile Backsplash

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