November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Its Almost Thanksgiving. Is YOUR Kitchen Ready?

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Our Latest Kitchen Remodel.

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Easier Home Maintenance

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Do you want to be sure your home will be able to withstand winter’s bluster? Using these simple labor saving maintenance tips you can spend more time enjoying fall’s splendor and less time on chores.

1) Stop Air Leaks Cold. The Federal Governments Energy Star program cites air leaks as primary cause of heat loss, which can cost you up to 10% of your annual heating bill. Top quality, exterior grade caulk¬† could solve the problem for years to come. Choose an acrylic latex caulk (approximately $5.00 for a 10 oz. tube.) It’s formulated for windows and doors and has a 30 year guarantee. To insure a good adhesion, seal gaps and cracks on a warm day.

2) Guard Your Gutters. In the fall, cleaning gutters is a must to prevent clogs, backups, and winter ice dams. But keeping gutters debris free is a tricky proposition: just when you’ve removed the last of the gunk, winds inevitable deposit a new batch of leaves in your freshly cleaned gutters. You can avoid this task by installing gutter guards, which screen out leaves, twigs and seeds, while letting water flow in the gutter and out the downspout. Andy’s Home and Business Repair can professionally install the guards, thus saving you hours of ladder time, for about $300.00 – $500.00, depending on the size of your home.

3) Paint Outside Surfaces. Extend the time between major exterior re-painting projects by touching up any painted surfaces that have cracks, chips or blisters. Clean the area thoroughly and sand lightly. Apply a top quality exterior paint to keep your siding and trim looking new. When repainting your house, spend a little extra on high quality paints, which last years longer than bargain brand paints, saving you time and money in the long run. Of course you can call us for a free estimate to complete this chore for you at a reasonable price as well.

4) Repair The Trim. Replace cracked and rotten wood trim. There are a variety of new synthetic materials you can use but they can be expensive. Pressure treated lumber is good too. Prime and paint and don’t forget to use a good exterior caulk. Or once again call us for a bid if this proves to be too strenuous for you.

5) Let In The Light. Sparkling clean windows let in the light and help to chase away winter’s doldrums.¬† Zip through this essential fall cleaning task with using a homemade cleaner of two parts ammonia and one part warm water. I like to use a window squeegee as to not leave any streaks.

6) Do An Ounce of Prevention. Disconnect hoses before the first frost to prevent outdoor spigots from freezing and cracking, which can cause major leaks and cause ours of time to repair. While you’re at it, be sure to drain your garden irrigation system to avoid leaks and busted sprinkler heads in the spring. Or you will be calling me in the spring to install frost proof spigots.

Take a few maintenance tips from the best Handyman in St. Louis, no charge! If you get in over your head or simply don’t want to mess with it, give me a call. And remember……………..At Andy’s Home and Business Repair, we make YOUR space a better place!