February 2011


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The outside of your home is the first thing to greet visitors and offer an impression of what may be inside. If it fails to inspire by the onset, it lowers expectations for the inside. Spring is the time to ramp up your curb appeal, so here is a list of 10 of the easiest things you can do to spruce up the exterior of your home on a low-budget.
1. Landscaping. Now is the time to take inventory of your homes landscaping. Visually inspect the areas needing maintenance. Prune bushes and shrubs, trees and plants. Weed flower beds and add fresh mulch. Create container gardens and use hanging baskets to add interest and dimension to an entryway.
2. Lawn Check. Reviving your lawn’s grass will instantly boost your curb appeal. Get rid of weeds sprouting in the sidewalk. Get rid of a tree that is blocking the view to your house.
3. Mailbox Makeover. A dingy, rusted or beat up mailbox is cheap to replace and makes a big difference in setting the tone for your house’s exterior. Make sure the style of your mailbox compliments the style of your house.
4. Squeaky Clean Siding. The elements take a toll on siding and it may require a good power washing to clean dirty or stained siding. Rent a power washer and hose down the exterior. You may need a ladder and some soft-scrub. Remember to spray downward as not to loosen any siding and don’t forget the gutters!
5. Perfect for Paint. It isn’t necessary to paint the entire house. Spruce it up by painting the trim and shutters if they have gotten chipped or discolored. Don’t forget the window frames, the porch and around the garage door.
6. Pay Attention to Small Details. It may seem minor, but little touches like new numbers on a house or a new light above the door improve the overall aesthetic of your home.
7. Spring Cleaning. Spring cleaning is not limited to the interior of your home. It’s time to clean out the gutters, wash the windows and move the garbage cans out of sight.
8. Welcoming Walkway. Brick or stone can create an elegant walkway leading up to your home. Try applying a colored concrete surface to an old driveway, then edging with brick or stone pavers. Using symmetry at the entrance is a simple and effective way to increase curb appeal.
9. Light it Up. Adequate lighting at night is a way to add security as well as highlight the architectural elements of your home. Landscape lighting can provide path lighting along a walkway, while porch lights should illuminate the main entrance. Coach lights on each side of the garage are an added touch.
10. Front Door. The front door is an important focal point of the home. If it has been neglected, consider refinishing, painting or replacing it. New hardware to replace rusted handles or an outdated lock set also makes a huge impact!


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Well it’s that time of year again. Old man winter just doesn’t want to release his hold! Everything if frozen solid. Unfortunately, so are a lot of copper pipes. As the weather starts to warm up you may find out that your copper supply lines have burst, either inside or outside of your home. This can be a costly and messy experience. Most of the time this type of emergency is covered by your home owners insurance. If this happens to you do not hesitate to call us. The beauty of hiring us is that in addition to repairing the breaks in your copper lines, we can also do the drywall repairs flawlessly. Any flooring that may need to be replaced is also in our expertise. This works to your advantage because you do not have to call multiple contractors to get the entire job done and we are usually less expensive than union contractors.