October 2010

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When I was a kid we were required to write an essay about what we did for our summer vacation. In keeping with that tradition, here is my vacation blog for 2010.
We went on an 8 day cruise. First stop was Cozumel Mexico where we did a 3 reef snorkel. It was awesome. We saw a lion fish which is very poisonous to both man and fishes. We saw a toad fish which is native to only Cozumel. We saw a mirage of zebra fish, parrot fish, a king crab, a lobster and a few moray eels. Our guide dove down to the sea floor and blew three air rings, then folded his hands in prayer as he ascended up through the middle of them. It was truly a religious experience!
Our next stop was Lima, Costa Rico. We did a 14 line zip excursion. First it was a 2 hour bus ride to some private property in the rain forest. Then a short trek up to the first line. We were double harnessed onto the line with a safety helmet and leather gloves on. It was 150 feet above ground in the canopy of the rain forest, 100 feet across to the next platform. When they asked if I was ready I said yes, but my flesh said no! It was so fast I did not have time to chicken out. You are so concentrated on making it to the next platform that you don’t really ever look down. We did this for a total of 14 zips! Then it was a 45 minute gondola ride through the tree tops. I got a lot of great pics. We saw a viper, a lizard, and a few rare birds. It was too late in the morning to see any sloths or monkeys.
Our final destination Panama. We visited the Em bra Indian village. It was a 45 minute drive to a remote river. Then we boarded a canoe that was hewn out of a single log. It seated 15 people. We went upstream about a mile to the village. When our canoe landed an Indian girl of about 4 years old greeted us. She took my hand and the hand of another lady and said in her language, ” I’ve got 2 mama’s”. Needless to say she melted my heart. I wanted to pack her up in my luggage and bring her home! We met the chief and the women of the tribe. Most of the men were on a fishing expedition. They had lots of handmade jewelry and carvings for sale, and I bought a lot of them. They did an ancestral dance for us called the Hawk Dance. They had a horse, a lot of chickens, a pet parrot, a cat and a few very thin dogs. The women were very beautiful and wore a sort of halter top, made out of coins strung together, and a very colorful skirt made of a woven material. It was very colorful. They even had a TV which ran off a 12v car battery. Their diet consists of bananas, pineapples, fish and chicken. I’m sure there were also some vegetables somewhere too. It was the rainy season, but we were blessed to have a dry day. In fact the entire trip was dry, a miracle in itself, being it was the hurricane season.
All in all it was an awesome trip. I learned a lot, had an adventurous time and can’t wait till next year! So when people ask…”How was your tip?” I always say…Purdah Vida! ( Costa Ric an for totally awesome!)