August 2010

What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

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Here are the facts. Radon causes lung cancer and it kills people, period. It is a Class A Carcinogen. Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in non smokers and second only to smoking in overall cause of lung cancers. 1 in 5 Missouri homes has elevated radon levels above the EPA action level. If you smoke and are livng with elevated radon levels you are at much higher risk. Lung Cancer risk from Radon increases with both higher levels and longer exposure time. Radon is not like Carbon Monoxide poisoning. There are no symptoms of elevated Radon levels. Death or sickness is not instant from elevated radon levels, rather it is the release of Alpha Radiation from Radon, that over time can cause lung cancer. Radon kills an estimated 50-100 people everyday in the United States. These are preventable lung cancer deaths, brought on by continued exposure to elevated Radon Gas levels in the home. Please don’t fall into the “It will never happen to me” category. All radon levels can be reduced to acceptable levels with simple and well established venting techniques, and no, it’s not very expensive to mitigate if you find that your home has high radon levels. What if your home has 3 or 4 times the EPA’s action level….What if….There is no need to wonder, what if. Testing your home is the only way to know for sure and Radon Testing Kits are free. Missouri Department of Radon provides free test kits to Missouri Residents. Please visit for more information. Or call 314-226-5098

Q and A

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Question: What is the purpose of a home inspection and what does it include?
Answer: There are many reasons to have a home inspection before purchasing it, but the two main reasons are to help secure financing and to provide peace of mind.
The American Society of Home Inspectors set the standards for home inspections. They typically look at these areas:
Basic structures like the floors, foundation, heating and cooling, roof and water leaks, drainage, paint and tile, plumbing, wiring, fireplace (if applicable).
After the inspection, you will receive a written report. This will include any maintenance recommendations, plus any major defects, problems that may hinder your ability to obtain financing or safety hazards. If you are thinking of selling, you may want to have your home inspected so you can repair any defects prior to listing the home.
In either case, we can help. We specialize in home inspection repairs and we can offer a referral to several ASHI inspectors. Just give us call for help!

Need a Lift?

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Potential buyers may drive through several neighborhoods before choosing one they want to look at more closely. Increase your curb appeal by keeping up the exterior of your home, even before you consider selling. If you aren’t selling, keeping up with the basic maintenance can prevent future problems. At Andy’s Home and Business Repair we can help.