April 2009

The Handyman Can!

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The Handyman Can!

Andy’s Home and Business Repair, Professional St. Louis Handyman Service

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Northwest Chamber of Commerce Plaque Presentation

Northwest Chamber of Commerce Plaque Presentation

Plumber in St Louis

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Just a quick reminder that if you are in need of a plumber in St Louis, Andy’s has you covered! Would you like to know what really makes our plumber services so great? It’s because Andy’s Home and Business Repair actually enjoys this work! That’s right!

It’s not just a job, it’s not a chore… We look forward to our plumbing orders!So if you’re in need of a plumber in St Louis, then who better to have stepping up to the plate than someone who is:

1. Local
2. Takes personal pride in their work
3. Actually enjoys the work

We’ll be posting some more case studies in the coming days and weeks of our latest plumbing projects. I hope you stop by to take a look at our blog and see some of the happy reports from very satisfied clients! Don’t forget to give us a call when you need a plumber in St Louis! You’ll be glad that you did!

Introducing Andy’s Home and Business Repair

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I’m Terri McDonnell, co-owner of Andy’s Home & Business Repair. We make YOUR space, a better place! We are a family owned repair and remodeling company, serving your community for 10 years now. The foundation of our company is complete customer satisfaction. Some of the services we provide include bathroom renovations, kitchen remodeling and basement finish-outs. But we also provide certified plumbing services, certified carpentry and drywall services HVAC repairs, light electrical work and some landscaping as well.
We are not a franchise!
We believe it’s a matter of integrity and realize the importance to have a sense of trust when having a handyman into your home. We live and work right here in your St. Louis neighborhood, and are here when you need us.
We feel very responsible to provide the best service, quality workmanship and reasonable prices in the St. Louis area. In fact, some of our customers become like family to us!
So for quality service beyond compare, call Andy’s Home and Business Repair.

An Example of How We Can Help

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We are a family based business operating in St. Louis Missouri for over 10 years. We’ve been married 28 years & have 3 children, 2 grandchildren, and 2 cats. Andy’s credentials include various certificates from Ranken Tech, as well as over 30 years experience in the maintenance industry, working at various high rise hotels as Chief Maintenance Engineer and St. Louis County Government Facilities. I had been in sales for the security industry. We started the St.Louis Handyman service in 1999.

A good referral for us would be any persons wanting to remodel their basement, kitchen, or bath, or anyone that needs a new furnace and/or air-conditioner or humidifier. Anyone who is selling his or her house might want to make it marketable. Anyone buying a house might want changes. In addition a great referral is anyone who has been broken into either by door or by window, anyone with termite damage, anyone with storm damage, anyone wanting to upsize, or downsize, or someone who simply wants to improve their living space.

A good example of how we helped a client profit from our expertise is Dr. Flynn. Dr. Flynn decided it was time for his growing family to move. What with 3 small children, and another on the way, his 3-bedroom ranch just was not enough space! First he had to sell the old house in St. Louis, which was in need of repairs. In order to make the house market ready, there were a number of problems that need to be addressed. Feeling a bit overwhelmed he called us, remembering one of his client’s referral. Here is a list of the handyman work we performed.

– Replaced his condenser fan motor and recharged his a/c system
– Put in GFI’s in both bathrooms and kitchen
– Repaired bathroom plumbing in both bathrooms
– Fixed wrought iron fence & railing
– Replaced broken truss in roof of garage
– Patched and painted drywall in living room
– Repaired concrete walkway and driveway cracks
We had the house market ready in two days! Dr. Flynn did not have to call a plumber, a carpenter, an HVAC company, a concrete company, or a welder! All he had to do was call Andy’s Home and Business Repair, a professional handyman service in St.Louis Missouri. In addition to saving him all that time and trouble, we were able to save him approximately $4,000.00. He was so happy with our result that he gave his sister our referral and also his father-in-law, who is a property manager in St. Louis County.

Who do you know that needs home repairs? Anyone buying or selling a house, anyone with burglary damage, storm damage, termite damage, or plumbing problems or related water damage, seniors who need work done, young professionals who don’t have time, or for when your not-so-handy husband “fixed” something, that could use our handyman services?


You will be so glad you did! (St Louis Handyman Extraordinaire)

What To Do Until We Get There!

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Well it’s finally springtime in St. Louis. After a long cold winter the handyman business is starting to pick-up. St. Louis winters can be very unforgiving to your home and usually springtime is when you need a handyman. However, any household or business can experience a crisis anytime of year! When this happens it is easy to make a bad situation even worse. With this in mind I will share with you some helpful hints from the handyman.

What to Do Until We Get There


1)    Winter in St. Louis can often cause water line brakes. The copper line freezes and the ice causes the pipe to expand and break. Then when it thaws, water starts gushing! Go for the main shut-off valve. It will be the valve that is first out of the foundation, normally a ¾” to 1” copper pipe, typically in the mechanics closet. Clock-wise is off. If the handle is stuck, loosen the packing 1 turn, and try again. If the water does not shut off completely, open the lowest basement sink, or hose bib, and let it run down the drain. In a slab home, tape the toilet handle down and let the water run into the bowl. This will take the excessive water away to a safe area.

2)    When electrical wires short, ground, or burn, it is easy to get fearful. Rule #1 grab a pair of heavy leather gloves, or rubber cleaning gloves and go to the main panel. With your gloves on and your feet flat-footed, not leaning on or touching anything, with one hand, find the large breaker at the top of the panel (normally marked MAIN) and switch it to off. On a fused panel, grab the fuse holder carrier and pull. At this point, if you smell smoke or see fire or sparks, call the St. Louis Fire Department. You may have a fire in the wall. Lets hope not.

3)    Now lets talk about natural gas. We all know the smell. First of all, appliances, water heaters, furnaces, etc. are required by St. Louis codes, to have a shut-off within reaching distance of the unit. Most all shut-off valves are ¼” turn, ball type.  Now if this valve breaks, or the leak is before it, go for the gas meter main. Take a good sized adjustable wrench and line-up the rings to the off position. They may be hard to move so be ready to use force, but you can do it. Air out the interior fast, and don’t light-up a cigarette no matter how nervous you are!

Now after the emergency is over, time to call the best handyman in St. Louis!
Andy’s Home and Business Repair. We make YOUR space a better place

Why Andy’s? St Louis Handyman Extraordinaire!

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So you need a St Louis Handyman huh? We all need things done around the house, some of us more so than others! But there’s a problem… Who do you choose to trust in your home? There’s more than enough contractors, “Handymen” and repair companies to make your head spin! Well we’re going to help you out a bit ok? (You don’t mind right?)

St Louis Handyman Tip #1

– Check for reputation

This may seem to be a blinding case of the obvious, but most people don’t bother checking into the reputation of their contractors! “Oh it’s just a small job, I’m sure he’ll do fine” seems to be the rationalization…

Andy’s Home and Business Repair has been called in more times than we care to count to fix what was supposed to be “easy stuff” that other contractors didn’t get right. Chalk it up to rushing, sloppy work, low standards, or even inexperience… It doesn’t matter what the reason, if the job wasn’t done right, you just wasted money! Not what you’re after right? Ask around, and search for testimonials.

St Louis Handyman Tip #2 –

Don’t search for bargain basement prices

I know you might not like me too much for making this recommendation, but in the long run this will save you a bundle! Think of it this way. If you needed brain surgery done, would you want the cheapest surgeon operating on you? Why not? Because cost is often associated with quality!

If one surgeon is 1/3 the cost of everyone else, you start to wonder don’t you? This is your home we’re talking about here. Sloppy work is going to stare you in the face day in and day out, and many home-owners end up having to re-hire a new contractor to fix the original “fixing!” What a waste!

Now we’re not suggesting you search for the highest cost here either. Shoot for a good deal, but always keep in mind if you try to get bargain basement prices, you’ll end up working with someone who makes his money with volume, not quality. In other words, if he needs to work 3 times as many jobs to earn the same as everyone else, his motivation is to speed through the work ASAP and move on. Not a recipe for a happy client if you ask me!

St Louis Handyman Tip #3 –

Be specific about what you want/need

As great as our Handyman/Handymen are from Andy’s Home and Business Repair, the one thing we never quite taught them was mind reading. Ok, so I joke a little… But really, if you want the best work possible, please take a few moments extra to fill us in on what you need and want. We are quite diligent about asking questions to clear things up, but we can get started, and complete the tasks much quicker when we have a clear understanding of just what it is you need.

This means: more accurate quotes up front, quicker turnaround times, and more decisive work progression. All sounds good to me! How about you? So the next time you need some home or business repair, and you’re considering hiring a St Louis Handyman, keep these tips in mind. We hope you’ll also keep us in mind as well!

Andy’s Home and Business Repair – The best darn Handyman around!

Live The Geen Life

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This year’s big home improvement trend is not the hottest paint color or the newest countertop surface.
With a stagnant economy American homeowners may not be in a buy/sell mode, but rather a remodel and stay put mentality, tackling projects that will add efficiency and value to their home, verses aesthetics. In many areas, that translates into greater energy efficiency and living “green”.
But what is living green? It seems that every isle you turn to in home improvement centers has energy efficient, green materials as options, from flooring to light bulbs, to heating and cooling. Even the bag you use to carry it home in can be green.
In a budget tightening economy, the first area to consider: windows and doors.
In a recent national study, by Kelton Research, 65% of American homeowners believe that energy efficiency is the most important quality to consider when choosing new windows and doors. According to the study, over 51% of Americans said that of anything in their home, windows and doors offer the most potential when it comes to improving energy efficiency, more than other products such as lights (48%) and heating systems (43%).
When it comes to remodeling, the virtues of green are winning  out over aesthetics. In today’s economy Americans are looking for home improvements to add value to their homes and monthly savings to their pockets. In fact, 44% of homeowners surveyed said that window and door replacement would be more important than a variety of other home improvements like carpeting, landscaping, or building a new deck.
When deciding on when to replace your windows or doors consider these signs as indicators that old windows need an upgrade. Poor performance- opening and closing is difficult; air leaks in, out, or around the window; condensation or fogging occurs between glass panes; windows are painted or nailed shut and virtually impossible to open. Looks- chipping, deterioration or water stains on the window or the area around the window (inside or out). Effort- cleaning is a major hassle; replacement parts are hard to find or even discontinued. E-factor- maybe your builder did not give you an upgrade to low e factor windows and your floor is discolored from too much sun.
And finally, don’t get suckered by the $189.00 a window advertising. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you listen to him you will get the lowest grade window available, no E factor, no trim or caulk, just a window jammed in there, (Hope it’s level!)
For a professional install, including all trim work, caulks and finishes, you should expect to pay around $300.00 installation per window. Doors vary depending on size.

How to Avoid the Yuppie House Flipper

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The non-standard definition of a house flipper:

An opportunist who seeks the purchase of real estate at below market value to make superficial cosmetic repairs, without addressing the underlying infrastructure, then hoping to find unknowledgeable buyers to purchase said real estate at an inflated price, often times by finding unscrupulous sub-contactors to do the work.

Andy’s Home & Business Repair will not sub-contact to the flipper, because we refuse to do sub-standard work. We get at least one call a month, from someone wanting to take advantage. How can you protect yourself from the flipper?


It is their job to see thru the fluff.

Look for the clues yourself, some of the obvious ones are:

In the basement: check for cracks in the foundation and water marks on the walls.

In the kitchen: If the countertop has tiles over it, chances are that was done to enhance an ugly countertop, without replacing it. If the cabinets are painted instead of replaced.

Check to make sure the door frames and baseboards are real wood and not foam. Make sure your supply lines are braided and have stop valves. Check the drain trap for rottage. Look for floor tiles on walls or any tile on top of tile make -over. Pull the floor vent up in the kitchen and see how many layers of tile are underneath.

See if bathtub has been glazed over and not replaced. Beware of plastic, thin mill shower kits. If there is a piece of trim around the base of your bath cabinet it may be covering up particleboard damage. This is done to avoid the plumbing issue. Make sure the furnace; water heater and air conditioner are updated.

Look at the manufacturer’s dates. Check for worn-out doors and foggy windows full of fresh paint and putty, worn-out receptacles with new cover plates, old electric panels with copper wire mixed with aluminum, hidden termite damage (usually fresh board to cover up problems), roofs that have been patched and not replaced, de-humidifiers running in basement to cover-up mold smell, patched and painted cast iron plumbing stack, old toilets freshly caulked to the floor so they don’t rock (for now), excessive concrete patching instead of replacement and slapshot landscaping thrown together for a fresh look.

Look for painted-over wallpaper, painted over mirrors, older spray painted appliances, fireplace screens covering damaged fire walls and outdated log burners. Watch for freshly stained decks covering rotten wood, or Cedar wood decks repair with pressure treated planks. Make sure to open and close every window of the house!

Andy’s Home & Business Repairs